Watch out!

Some of your feelings are just easily sensed, you can’t describe it. People will play with your feelings till you realize that they ain’t exist anymore for you. Don’t let anyone to hold pen of your dairy. Every night you work hard to get the act it’s essence back but harder you try, harder you get hurt. You can’t be focused and I can’t stay up like this, better to part our ways.It’s not working anymore as it should be!

JUST focusing on respective goals is enough to keep going with life and lot more easier to get through. Why can’t i forget those stupid feelings for you? Life don’t go the way we want it to be. At every step, you gotta take some crucial may be life changing decisions to keep moving. Which changes everything! Leaving you with just glimpses of your past in the form of memories.

When a train goes through a tunnel & it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket & jump off. You sit still and trust God. I trust you today, no matter how dark our situation is,

“We are coming out” 


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