Dear diary!

Getting into some relationship is as easy as picking any pen to write. Just one commitment and you are IN. To let relationship workout for long, takes the crap out of you. Much more difficult than to pen down your own feelings. You know the reason behind every successful marriage is sacrifice and effort that put all together at the same time. It’s not the people that hurt you. It’s your expectations from them; that is the real reason behind every pain.

Trying to summarize picture over here; once you get into relationship, deeply fall in love, after few years later , either you will get married or you will be surprised.

Bamm! End of story!

Keeping things just inside you is difficult for people like me. Things becoming hard for me these days. Neither can share nor can keep it inside. It’s just on you my lord. The struggle between you and your desires is unanswerable!

Only thing that keeps you going is HOPE!

Hope one day everything will be OKAY!

Hope one day everything will be FINE!


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