Visualizing and Planning your Dreams

One of the finest thing in life that keeps motivating is HOPE! Dreams provide platform for HOPE.You dream lots of things that you desire to happen in reality but probability of its occurrence in the same way is quite low. Are you a day dreamer? What are those? Does your dreams let you sleep peacefully? Is there any connection with reality?

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”
Philip K. Dick

whatever you dream there’s a reason for it: to be realized as part of fulfilling  your life goals. There’s always some connection with your desires and minds creativity.Most of us have trouble finding the potential of their dreams; they give upon them as they are unable to find the way to make them true.Many times we don’t even have adequate time and will to face the challenges that may fall while walking down through that path; or we are just unwilling to follow the less traveled path. Have patience! Although your dream may not come to just pass yet, it can still be realized. You can still fulfill your dreams and make it reality.

Well! You can’t force dream to happen. Just like you can’t plan a perfect travel trip without prior preparations and arrangements.You won’t magically arrive there.You must plan and work toward what you want.Same is true with your dreams if you want them to come to reality.Even if you try and fail, keep trying, take small simple steps forward. Your dreams have value; keep moving toward them, even if you face setbacks and challenges.  Moving forward with your dreams means starting with the first baby step, that’s how you succeed.

In addition to physically working hard to make dreams reality, mental preparedness is also important. In fact! mental preparation plays key role in the whole process. Remaining optimistic despite criticism of any kind will be quite helpful; Staying firm and optimistic about your dream will help you going through difficult times. Just hold on to what you believe in and what you want to see happen in your life.Use the power of positive thinking in order to see your dream coming to fruition.

Try these techniques:

  • Talk with others who share your dreams and goals to stay encouraged and excited.(Specially your parents, if you are close to them. They are truest of all!)
  • Broaden you vision and keep updating.
  • Write the down and always remember to keep them fresh in your mind. I have a manual just for big dreams and a special column just for steps involved to make them reality.
  • keep a journal of what you’ve done toward realizing your dreams each day or each week.
  • Specifically remember to enjoy and respect the present moment. Then you’ll be well practiced when your dreams do come to pass!
  • Many successful people focus on positive affirmations and meditation to help make their dreams a reality.Meditation gives your mind some quiet, peaceful time to work behind the scenes.

Just because the way to your dream doesn’t seem obvious to you just now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. Many of us have hard times finding what we are good at, along with peace deep down inside ourselves in what we do and What we want from life?. Following your dreams can just help you figure this out all by yourself.

Don’t lose HOPE at any point because anything can happen in life at any point of time. Just be positive.Create your affirmations around the positive amazing feelings that surround your dreams, so that you can keep your vibes high and you can let the “how’s” go and allow the universe to take care of that for you.

If you hold tight to your goals, you’ll find it easier to stay on the right track.

Regardless of what your dreams are – however big or small they may be — you can usher them in to your life!

Simple small steps every day, moving toward your dreams will get there.

Enjoy the journey! Keep dreaming! Keep chasing! You never know whats hidden for you.



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