All that matters!

Generally What we do when our favorite dress doesn’t fit us anymore?

We have two options; Either buy another dress or do workout just to fit in that favorite dress of yours. Easiest way out is to buy another. The game changer is the one who willingly  work hard for hours, just to fit in that dress. What matters the most is who you love, Because at the end of the day all that matters to you the most is their love and affection. We spend our whole lives worrying about the future, trying to predict future. As if figuring it out, will clear the blow;But the future is always changing. One thing is certain, way finally reveals itself. Why to worry if you can’t control?

Few years back in college, I met two very important persons of my life at the very same time. One was’t happy about my friendship with the other. Later down the road one became true love of my life and other just vanished unknowingly. One showed me how to love unconditionally and other taught me the most important life lesson”Don’t ever trust the one who is sweet to your face! “they are the one with the highest probability of back stabbing.

As a human, we make mistakes. We call it wrong, people get it wrong. People get hurt,they bleed. So we struggle over every stitch, we agonize over every future possibilities because every snap judgement which come to us quickly without hesitation; they are the one who haunt us for the rest of our lives forever.

I just wanna thank both of you for life changing experiences. All that matters me is the one who stayed with me and still there for me even in the worst. You find n number of people in happy days but just few to drag you out of dark.




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