Your call…

Career is solo act. We decide, we work hard overcoming every obstacles and win. The isolation can starts to define you because even thou you are surrounded by many people. What really comes down is your choices, your training, your passion and your work. It comes down to your choices. These choices latter become your daily routine and then your habit. Following 6 ways will really be helpful to stay focused and single minded.

6 ways to stay focused on your career

1. Daily reading

Make sure that you staying in touch with books on continuous bases. Reading habits proved beneficial by many billionaires like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk. Read for at least one hour a day. If that’s too much, start with 20 minutes [a day] and do it for one month (habit). Although it sounds crazy but trust me it not only helpful but also keep you posted about upcoming updates.

2. Create small targets

Completing a large project is daunting when you don’t know where to begin. How can you finish if you don’t even know where you’re starting? So, rather than focusing on a large, scary goal, take one thing at a time, and break the big goal into ideas you can digest one at a time.

3. Do meditation

Keep your laziness aside and dedicate approximately an hour for meditation. This will not only keep you focused but also help you to remain healthy.

4. Stop worrying about things that doesn’t matter

You will stay more consistently motivated if you’re working on activities that are inherently meaningful or are part of a larger mission.Doing things that don’t mean anything costs [us] a ton of mental energy. Look at your aggregated to-do list, find things you know that you don’t care about, and get rid of as many of these activities as possible.

It’s not always best to finish what you started if, down the line, you can’t even remember the reason you started something in the first place.

5. Set time 

You need to give yourself a rest, and if that means giving yourself a specified set time to unplug or turn away from the demands of your job, then do it. It’s likely to help you perform harder and smarter in the hours that you do allot for work. It’s unrealistic to feel energized all the time, to want to plow through tasks all the time.

6. Do it

Instead of waiting around, willing yourself to feel motivated, what if you just went ahead and started doing the work you know you need to do? Dive into the project and trust that the focus will be what you need.


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