Let me know

Let me know what you feeling…

Oh dear! it’s okay to share,

Would you walk with me holding my hands?

Would you put your arms around me when i need it and say it’s all okay?

Would you cry when I cry?

Would you die for the one you love?

Oh dear tell me this, because i can do all for you everyday.

I can be your companion.

I can be your one and only to stand by your side forever.

I will hear all your stories as i have a longing for you.

You care about me as much as i care about you.

People are always mean to us,

they are judgmental even if we didn’t mean it.

It’s okay to speak it out,

It’s okay to complain when you feel hurt.

As it’s not okay to keep things that’s killing you from inside.

It’s okay to share because i’m there for you.

Just tell me when you need me.











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