Creating the new!

Creating the new art is like it’s new start from the very beginning. You have to start the whole process again from the scrap. Picking the whole pieces and struggling to join and formulate some thing big, more like a puzzle. A step into unknown out of which outcome is unpredictable.

Yesterday i got a call from a very good college friend, was’t expecting at all. She said that she gonna stay at my place tomorrow. I was happy and making arrangements for her stay. We both are from totally different states and languages, but only platform at which we fit together is our helping attitude, loving nature and caring methodology for all. When we met in the afternoon, she was with her very close friend with her dad guiding to interview hall in the uptown. Then i realize that actually she didn’t took leave from job just to spend time with me but to guide her very near and dear friend to interview place. It was so embarrassing as her friend didn’t even talked and when i asked them to drop me to home, they refused giving an excuse and just left.

Oh my god! when priorities are different they these things might happen with you too. In that moment of time i realized that how busy our lives have now become. Realized how small differences can affect you at some point of time in life, but these differences clear the picture of our own desires and needs. Out all this the good thing that happen to me was that i accidentally met very old school friend of mine. He was there too for the interview. He hardly changed since then, still have great sense of humor and funny  person. Tension word never litter around him, optimistic and friendly as ever. Sometimes real life also have happy endings.

Now i gotta take my friendship to different level, moving horizontally  and starting new with less expectations and more love. Hopefully me meet again with more enthusiasm and fresh start.



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