Patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Male dominated society  reluctant to accept that fact that women can be as good as  they are or even more. Most of the people say there is ultimately only one way to change the patriarchal mentality of any society,‘That is proper education’. In my opinion, we should focus more towards the humanity.  I mean the comprehensive system of inculcating values in the minds of young boys and girls that men and women are equal and everyone deserves respect and equal opportunities.  As parents are first teacher for every children hence it’s there sole responsibility to teach proper manners,etiquette and ethics. If such ideas of equality are not introduced to young students from a young age consistently, then they will grow and become part of the patriarchy that is Indian society.

For grown men who are already patriarchal, there is no way to to change them. Any effort in order to change their mentality is just another lame effort.They already attained the age when the mind is no longer willing to learn or adapt. They stick to their old prejudices and concepts about women and how they should behave.The man who eve tease, abuse, rape, beat and harass women will never change. They must be given punishments harsh enough to mark in the minds of other patriarchal men the sense of fear. Because, since you cannot educate these men, the only way you can stop them from doing stuff like this is through fear.

Nowadays where education is everyone’s right and people are more educated than before. It’s really wrong to say education is the only cause of discrimination against women. Even the most educated men in the society don’t have the required amount of humanity and ethics to stop harassment, rape and other abusive act  from happening,which is shameful. It takes guts and will power to stand against these inhuman act if happening around yourself. Most of the people in country like India don’t even come to help if it’s happening around them, just to avoid unnecessary trouble for them. They deny saying as this not happening to our own family member.Which brings tear in my eyes thinking about it.

The one and only thing that can bring back equality is hitting the very young minds with humanity, ethics and moral policing at the right time. HOPEFULLY after few years in future there won’t be any need of discussing about patriarchy as serious issue on social media. 



3 thoughts on “Patriarchy

  1. It brings tears to my eyes, too. My husband is a professor in America, and he has talked with Indian women who expressed fear of being forced to marry an abusive man. Women in abusive relationships need protection. But how do they get it in a patriarchal society?


    1. Women definitely need protection from harassment, rape and abusive relationships in patriarchal society, which is very difficult to get but not impossible. Governmental support and strict laws against criminal activities will definitely be helpful. Education and teaching young minds about humanity and ethics as they grow up will reduce these acts in future.

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