5 steps to tackle Criticism!

Criticism is the analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work. It has both positive and negative effects, depends on how you take in. This thing doesn’t come once in life time, you will come across it every now and then. Therefore it is more important to master it’s features and give it a beautiful but more useful shape. We should take any criticism in such a way that it become beneficial and constructive to you. Constructive criticisms are often suggestions for improvement – how things could be done better or more acceptably. Constructive criticism is more likely to be embraced if the criticism is timely, clear, specific, detailed and actionable. Following step will surely help you to analysis, evaluate and formulate interaction with the criticism.

1. Listen patiently: The very first thing to do is to have patience and listen carefully what the message conveyed by the person. Listen to feedback attentively and try not to repeat that in future. If you want to deal with criticism, then you have to understand the message behind it.

2. Don’t take it personally: There’s no good comes taking criticism personally. More time you dwell on thinking about the words, less time you will get to improve your performance.

3. Don’t respond immediately: If you really want to deal with criticism try not to respond immediately. Sometimes this quick response will land you up into very unwanted situations. Always thank the person for his feedback and take it into consideration going forward.

4. Take criticism in a positive way: Like the two sides of a coin, every other thing have two sides too (positive and negative). Most criticism is probably based at least in part, on some truths. Criticism may appear negative. But, through criticism we have the opportunity to learn and improve from in future.

5. Analyse carefully before you conclude: The problems is that quite often, we only value praise. When people speak kind words we feel happy. When people criticize we feel miserable. If we wish to improve and develop we should invite constructive criticism and appreciate their suggestions.

Sit alone sometime with peaceful mind and do calculative study to look deeply inside the matter and come up with new plan (more like innovative idea) to resolve the issue. This will not only increase you level of confidence but give power to fight against false criticism. Sometimes we are criticized with no justification. This is a painful experience. But, potentially we can deal with it more easily than criticism which is justified. Best way is to remain silent and ignore it completely. By remaining silent we maintain a dignity that others will come to respect.


8 thoughts on “5 steps to tackle Criticism!

  1. I love this advise. I find constructive criticism to be valuable. Even at my day job, that believes no criticism is good criticism I prefer to hear what I can do better. I am the type of person who wants to always grow my knowledge and skill and I believe criticism is one of the pieces in helping to do that.


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