India Institute of Technology Delhi

I have never been to any IIT before. This is 13th December 2017, standing on its gate waiting for my professor to come, to attend ASCE conference. Just outside the left of main gate there are two cycle air pump kept for bicycle riders but that too tied with an iron chain to pole so as to avoid theft. I am just wondering how it feels when you are inside the campus. Becoming an engineer was never my dream but watching my 6yr younger brother aspiring for IITs can now imagine how important that is for most of us and what is takes to get there, creates lifetime memory to remember. I wish he get into one of those so that I don’t have to wait for long outside in this chilled weather. During inaugural session saw remarkable presentation by President of ASCE Kristina L. Swallow. People gathered from far places to build relationship with the person of same area of interest. Talk about there work and discuss improvement possibilities in their respective fields and share experiences on coffee table. Intension of people coming to conferences is to build a strong network of researchers.

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