An era of love!

Some facial expression are so damn expressive that no words required for their impact to be felt. People with strong facial expression are more contagious and make you fall in love with them.

The moment you were born into this humanitarian world, you work hard, study and one damn day you fall in love with the cutest smile around you and thereafter everything changes. Your efficiency affected by his words and your mood now dependents on his mood, in short the end of your era. They will try to modify you according to their expectations.

U never know unconditional love if you have never loved some one before
U never know when they become much important to you than your respect..
U never know when they stop loving you and move on
U never know when they crush your heart and throw it in a bin..
U never know how deep heartaches can be…
U never know !

Love burns can be messy. Take long to heal.Creating a mess with the burns that you have given to yourself are deadly and become more painful when not visible by naked eyes. Then your heart need escape plan as you are responsible for your happiness. Look for inspiration because:

Inspiration is not mistical, unachievable thing,
Inspiration is a sea,
That sea turns into vision,
That vision turns into goal and hopefully that goal turns into victory!

The burns from your love to my heart is disaster
Creating whole messy twist and turns. Making me realise how painful all this love can be when it’s just one sided.
My love is not like yours, I can’t fall in love again and again like you do.
“Love me or not, i will cherish every moment with you.
Like me or not, I will be there for you.
Miss me or not, I will remember you.

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