Do you?

I was alone mostly for a long time of life, hence always preferred to be alone most of the time, was pretty good at the alone thing. Then you came along from nowhere and my whole world changed. I was so independent but abruptly started liking to be dependent on someone for everything, but in the process of doing so how could I forget that would be killing his desire to be free of responsibilities till he can!

Falling in love with you was the most beautiful thing for me. Because things are beautiful when they are shared. Nobody had ever done the lovely things for me except my family and nobody does it better. I started liking to get married, and have kids. Whereas he started developing to back to the childhood free of tension and anxiety.

One fine day I woke up, off to work on my bike, got into accident only thing I remembered is his name and wanted to go back to him because he will take care of everything. The only thing that I was worried about was, what if I didn’t die in his arm and at this particular point of time where ambitions are still not fulfilled.

I often like to be in control but mostly these chemicals in our brain control us. I may have accused you of many things which are always compelled by the desire for more but nothing to do with us.

Why do we run hills when finding the slightest connection? Why do we compel to fight for the things that provide a spark to your routine? maybe because we were afraid to lose the things that we are attached to “the unusual”.

I am reckless, weary, angry, most of the time reluctant to take risks as you. I want to be married to you. I always wanted someone, the strings, the connections, the kids, the noisy house, the family to take care of and the festivals to celebrate together —— DO YOU? Do you still care?

We skipped one step “Career”, jumped to “Love” first. The biggest mistake in life. Will you be able to find way back to me? or this diversion turns into despicability? –  only Time will tell.



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