Repeating the same thing again and again.

Life life will give you nothing but pain.

Finding the way out of your miseries.

count on me ,when you are at fisheries.

People will call you for what is not worth.

When things are done they won’t call you, not even for once.

They will show you what you got from their work.

Now their significance is undesirable.

Defining the odds into the mist of dusky sun.
Prioritising your level of efforts.
Monitoring and controlling each task.
Closure of every lot with the same enthusiasm and charm.
The most difficult work always, keeping the pace with the time.

Why love first when you looking for career, why it is important to take rest in the first lap of marathon.
Who told this? Why there is a need?

Are we not satisfied with ourselves.

Walking on the path which is directed by someone else. What was the rush? Why new task attracting mostly in your adulthood rather than now. Are we less matured back then or we were crazy?.

Probably our out braking systems of brain are Fully developed now. Directing every decision made.

Do you?

I was alone mostly for a long time of life, hence always preferred to be alone most of the time, was pretty good at the alone thing. Then you came along from nowhere and my whole world changed. I was so independent but abruptly started liking to be dependent on someone for everything, but in the process of doing so how could I forget that would be killing his desire to be free of responsibilities till he can!

Falling in love with you was the most beautiful thing for me. Because things are beautiful when they are shared. Nobody had ever done the lovely things for me except my family and nobody does it better. I started liking to get married, and have kids. Whereas he started developing to back to the childhood free of tension and anxiety.

One fine day I woke up, off to work on my bike, got into accident only thing I remembered is his name and wanted to go back to him because he will take care of everything. The only thing that I was worried about was, what if I didn’t die in his arm and at this particular point of time where ambitions are still not fulfilled.

I often like to be in control but mostly these chemicals in our brain control us. I may have accused you of many things which are always compelled by the desire for more but nothing to do with us.

Why do we run hills when finding the slightest connection? Why do we compel to fight for the things that provide a spark to your routine? maybe because we were afraid to lose the things that we are attached to “the unusual”.

I am reckless, weary, angry, most of the time reluctant to take risks as you. I want to be married to you. I always wanted someone, the strings, the connections, the kids, the noisy house, the family to take care of and the festivals to celebrate together —— DO YOU? Do you still care?

We skipped one step “Career”, jumped to “Love” first. The biggest mistake in life. Will you be able to find way back to me? or this diversion turns into despicability? –  only Time will tell.



An era of love!

Some facial expression are so damn expressive that no words required for their impact to be felt. People with strong facial expression are more contagious and make you fall in love with them.

The moment you were born into this humanitarian world, you work hard, study and one damn day you fall in love with the cutest smile around you and thereafter everything changes. Your efficiency affected by his words and your mood now dependents on his mood, in short the end of your era. They will try to modify you according to their expectations.

U never know unconditional love if you have never loved some one before
U never know when they become much important to you than your respect..
U never know when they stop loving you and move on
U never know when they crush your heart and throw it in a bin..
U never know how deep heartaches can be…
U never know !

Love burns can be messy. Take long to heal.Creating a mess with the burns that you have given to yourself are deadly and become more painful when not visible by naked eyes. Then your heart need escape plan as you are responsible for your happiness. Look for inspiration because:

Inspiration is not mistical, unachievable thing,
Inspiration is a sea,
That sea turns into vision,
That vision turns into goal and hopefully that goal turns into victory!

The burns from your love to my heart is disaster
Creating whole messy twist and turns. Making me realise how painful all this love can be when it’s just one sided.
My love is not like yours, I can’t fall in love again and again like you do.
“Love me or not, i will cherish every moment with you.
Like me or not, I will be there for you.
Miss me or not, I will remember you.

“How to thrive in man dominated industry?”

It’s been 08 months since I have started working in well known construction industry as a primavera P6 expert.

I am 25, and this journey was full of ups and downs. It was clear after high school that I was going to work in technology; after completion of graduation I worked for few months and realized the need of post graduation to fit in. When about to complete my 2nd sem of Infrastructure engineering and management” i got a call from recruiting website for an interview and started working along with my studies.

I worked hard to survive through all odds and got interviewed for getting up on permanent pay roll. Being a women you come to people’s attention more easily and things become more difficult when you are free minded. People always have something to talk about you from top to bottom. Your every action monitered and judged. I feel intimidating to break into man dominated industry but women have so much value that we need them to take the leap.

I am happy to get the chance to shape my personality after every encounter with hurdles that could have stopped me from accomplishing  in technology. Confidence and constant determination required when you are surrounded by people who don’t believe in you. In the beginning you need to push yourself to your max with patience above all humiliations.

Overall, you have to constantly prove yourself, earn respect, and have to be better at your job than a man does. They will always question your technical soundness and mental preparedness to tackle sudden unavoidable critical situations to object your credibility when you are placed above them. This question can be avoided when you have enough exposure of the respective field by breaking the walls of insecurity and anxiety around you to flourish quickly with less objections.

Breakeven point

How you get to know that ” he is the one! the only one! for you…”

I saw him at railway station for the very first time,when traveling with friends to same place. He was one of my friends friend. i don’t remember much of it but the judgement i made that day, about his character, unfortunately remained somewhere in my mind “whoever he love will be a lucky girl” i don’t know why and how i concluded that. I almost forgot about that day when me met again.

After that, meeting went to infinite loop. Loving someone form the core of your heart, caring about each other in every possible way you can and constantly motivating each other for better is nothing but felt like heaven.

Many people asked me,” what’s your story?”  when i don’t reply they assume that either i am introvert or shy, but neither i am introvert nor shy.

I don’t have a story to tell about us, just a girl in love. 

He is love of my life and i can’t love anyone like the way i love him. I generally don’t talk about us because there’s nothing but intense feelings, which is hard to explain. It’s was like when i was drowning, he saved me. All i want from him is to pick me, choose me and share with me till he can. “I love you” and “you love me”, all i want to hear is this from him and i don’t care about anything else. I don’t want to live without him. We have changed a lot in past years and things  pushed to breaking point but whatever happens will bring us more closer. It’s not the time to give upon each other.

It took so long for me to realise that i wanted to be in his life. We promised each other, there’s no running and hiding, no matter what happens, we will stay together till the end because this is our life this our arena, we can’t and we won’t give up.

Never enough!

You never ready to let your loved one’s go! You just do it….

I haven’t seen death in front of my eyes, specially death of our own parents. I find myself very lucky enough in this case but my father isn’t. I heard him talking to my mom; that he was very upset that he didn’t get to see his father for one last time but he was relieved that he did everything that he could and he was just right beside his mother when she died. My grandparents were loving and caring person. My father is a very strong person emotionally; he never cried in front of us but when they died he cried alot. He is kind of introvert, never let others feel what he is feeling; shows his extreme love towards them.

This is when i realize that how much it counts for a person to stay with their parents in their last time and pay their due respect. You just wanna be there, hear them talking and pray every moment hoping that this is not the time for them to leave.

He think about his mother’s last words off time ” Come! Sit near me…..”

I always keep wondering will there be enough time to talk and share everything you have?

The answer is NO! 

There will never be enough time to spend. You just stay there, listen to them carefully. Let them talk about everything they wants to talk about, record their voice in your mind and memorise everything. Just keep sitting there, holding their hands and show your love in every possible way that you can.

As we all just want to be surrounded by our loved one’s at out last moment specially when you know it’s time. Time for us to leave.

6 Steps To Create Your Own Space For Growth!

Life is moving very fast. Keeping pace with the momentum becomes necessary along with self growth and development.”Find your own hotspots and explore it” -this is lot more difficult than it sounds.Most of us leave or change jobs just to find the work which is more interesting and what we love to do everyday but that’s not all. You require a proper mind-set and ability to analyze opportunities and make sound decisions.

1.Find Your area of interest

First of all you need to find the exact information you need to solve a problem on the fly, or go deeper to master the technologies and skills you need to succeed. Sit alone in your backyard and take as much as time you need to figure out where you imagine yourself after few years and what it takes you to get there.

Don’t come up with many answers, just one or maximum two, not more than that.try to know your values, skills, strengths, weaknesses and passion. This is the time to shape something to fit you, rather than shape you to fit your work.

2.Develop Your Work Plan

How are you going to pursue this opportunity? You can’t and shouldn’t do everything. Pick your strategy and tactics, and create a plan. Make it happen. It sounds simple, but execution is the most important part of the process.

3.Keep Thinking Positive

“When you tell yourself something bad will happen to your job, something bad will probably happen,” says Brown-Volkman. “If you tell yourself that you are marketable and confident and that you will always be working, your words can make this true.” build a positive vibes around you, even if things are not getting any better.This eradicates weakness and negativity from you.

4.Be Flexible

You may not want to commute more than 10 miles, but being willingly to bend a bit will open up more opportunities. It will also make you a more smart candidate because it signals that you’re able to handle change.

5.Keep Your Network Strong

Once your mind is thinking positively and more flexible to change. Now it’s time to get creative — by creating your own opportunities.

Read up on what your peers are doing and what you aren’t. Consider how you might strike out on your own — or on the side. Build a network online and offline with the people having similar interest. Analyse the possibilities and outcomes carefully.Build your self-esteem and give you valuable connections. As you’re building up relationships with people who might going to hire you.

6.Consistency In Your Work

you need a strategy for seizing opportunities, one that consistently demonstrates your passion for and commitment to your field. Stick with your plan, and you’ll reap rewards in your job search or business endeavor.

Happy endings

I can see how people turned out, if they realised their hopes and dreams or they have lost their hopes and dreams. Sometimes, to keep moving you just have to make brand new hopes and dreams to lean on.

I don’t go for reunions where we try to remember people whom we barely know, trying to remember their faces from the past. But there are people who just keep doing it again and again. Now I can see why they do  so  often, just to get the feelings that they haven’t felt for long time. They embrace that fact that they were together for each other at that point of time. It’s comfy, familiar and kind of coming home.

Some endings are so good, they leave their mark behind and some are so scary that we barely wanna remember it. When endings are not happy, we pretend that it’s gonna be okay but it’s killing them from inside. What we should all do in that situation, is to find brand new hopes and dreams.