6 Steps To Create Your Own Space For Growth!

Life is moving very fast. Keeping pace with the momentum becomes necessary along with self growth and development.”Find your own hotspots and explore it” -this is lot more difficult than it sounds.Most of us leave or change jobs just to find the work which is more interesting and what we love to do everyday but that’s not all. You require a proper mind-set and ability to analyze opportunities and make sound decisions.

1.Find Your area of interest

First of all you need to find the exact information you need to solve a problem on the fly, or go deeper to master the technologies and skills you need to succeed. Sit alone in your backyard and take as much as time you need to figure out where you imagine yourself after few years and what it takes you to get there.

Don’t come up with many answers, just one or maximum two, not more than that.try to know your values, skills, strengths, weaknesses and passion. This is the time to shape something to fit you, rather than shape you to fit your work.

2.Develop Your Work Plan

How are you going to pursue this opportunity? You can’t and shouldn’t do everything. Pick your strategy and tactics, and create a plan. Make it happen. It sounds simple, but execution is the most important part of the process.

3.Keep Thinking Positive

“When you tell yourself something bad will happen to your job, something bad will probably happen,” says Brown-Volkman. “If you tell yourself that you are marketable and confident and that you will always be working, your words can make this true.” build a positive vibes around you, even if things are not getting any better.This eradicates weakness and negativity from you.

4.Be Flexible

You may not want to commute more than 10 miles, but being willingly to bend a bit will open up more opportunities. It will also make you a more smart candidate because it signals that you’re able to handle change.

5.Keep Your Network Strong

Once your mind is thinking positively and more flexible to change. Now it’s time to get creative — by creating your own opportunities.

Read up on what your peers are doing and what you aren’t. Consider how you might strike out on your own — or on the side. Build a network online and offline with the people having similar interest. Analyse the possibilities and outcomes carefully.Build your self-esteem and give you valuable connections. As you’re building up relationships with people who might going to hire you.

6.Consistency In Your Work

you need a strategy for seizing opportunities, one that consistently demonstrates your passion for and commitment to your field. Stick with your plan, and you’ll reap rewards in your job search or business endeavor.


Happy endings

I can see how people turned out, if they realised their hopes and dreams or they have lost their hopes and dreams. Sometimes, to keep moving you just have to make brand new hopes and dreams to lean on.

I don’t go for reunions where we try to remember people whom we barely know, trying to remember their faces from the past. But there are people who just keep doing it again and again. Now I can see why they do  so  often, just to get the feelings that they haven’t felt for long time. They embrace that fact that they were together for each other at that point of time. It’s comfy, familiar and kind of coming home.

Some endings are so good, they leave their mark behind and some are so scary that we barely wanna remember it. When endings are not happy, we pretend that it’s gonna be okay but it’s killing them from inside. What we should all do in that situation, is to find brand new hopes and dreams.

5 steps to tackle Criticism!

Criticism is the analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work. It has both positive and negative effects, depends on how you take in. This thing doesn’t come once in life time, you will come across it every now and then. Therefore it is more important to master it’s features and give it a beautiful but more useful shape. We should take any criticism in such a way that it become beneficial and constructive to you. Constructive criticisms are often suggestions for improvement – how things could be done better or more acceptably. Constructive criticism is more likely to be embraced if the criticism is timely, clear, specific, detailed and actionable. Following step will surely help you to analysis, evaluate and formulate interaction with the criticism.

1. Listen patiently: The very first thing to do is to have patience and listen carefully what the message conveyed by the person. Listen to feedback attentively and try not to repeat that in future. If you want to deal with criticism, then you have to understand the message behind it.

2. Don’t take it personally: There’s no good comes taking criticism personally. More time you dwell on thinking about the words, less time you will get to improve your performance.

3. Don’t respond immediately: If you really want to deal with criticism try not to respond immediately. Sometimes this quick response will land you up into very unwanted situations. Always thank the person for his feedback and take it into consideration going forward.

4. Take criticism in a positive way: Like the two sides of a coin, every other thing have two sides too (positive and negative). Most criticism is probably based at least in part, on some truths. Criticism may appear negative. But, through criticism we have the opportunity to learn and improve from in future.

5. Analyse carefully before you conclude: The problems is that quite often, we only value praise. When people speak kind words we feel happy. When people criticize we feel miserable. If we wish to improve and develop we should invite constructive criticism and appreciate their suggestions.

Sit alone sometime with peaceful mind and do calculative study to look deeply inside the matter and come up with new plan (more like innovative idea) to resolve the issue. This will not only increase you level of confidence but give power to fight against false criticism. Sometimes we are criticized with no justification. This is a painful experience. But, potentially we can deal with it more easily than criticism which is justified. Best way is to remain silent and ignore it completely. By remaining silent we maintain a dignity that others will come to respect.

7 Step Decision making process

Everyday we make decisions,consciously or not. For every choice, big or small, there’s no easy formula for making the right decision. The best you can do is to approach it from as many perspectives as possible and then choose a course of action that seems reasonable and balanced at that time. It surely differ from person to person and situation to situation. But there are some simple things you can do to make it less intimidating, such as:

1. Just Stay calm & carry on:  When you have any decision to make, the first step should generally be to stay as calm as possible. If you can’t stay calm, put off making the decision until you’re thinking clearly.

2.List all of your options. At first sight, it may appear that there is only one course of action, but that is usually not true. Even if your situation seems limited, try to make a list of alternatives. Don’t try to evaluate them until you’ve got a full list,brainstorm with some family or friends. Don’t jump to conclusions. Once you have generated your list, eliminate anything that is obviously impractical and limit your options as much as possible.

3.Trust your gut feeling:  Make your decision based on what feels right even if the list says opposite. 90% of world’s CEO’s  believe in this concept. Ask yourself what you want to do and how it will affect your future.

4.Use the “five whys” technique to understand the problem: Asking yourself “why?” five times can help you to uncover the source of a problem and determine if you are making a decision for the right reasons.

5.Analyse your pro’s and con’s more carefully:  If your problem is complex and you feel overwhelmed by the variety of possible outcomes, consider making a list to guide your decision making process.

6.Think about the future. At the end of the day, the best way to make a decision is to think about long term benefits rather to go with short term benefits.

7.Have a backup plan. Having a backup plan will allow you to respond to unforeseen challenges and give assurance that if something goes wrong in future you have the backup to overcome.

No matter which decision you make, be prepared to accept responsibility for every outcome. No one can be sure one hundred percent every time,that’s just life.A good thumb rule is to seize every opportunity that is good but think before leap.

love you!

I write down all about you everyday, right from the beginning we met each other.

how handsome you are, how you eat, your facial expressions, your warm breath, your likes or dislikes,how hard you work everyday, how kind and sweet you are, almost every possible thing that i can relate. I work very hard everyday to make you smile.

just in case if i forget about everything one day, this will help me to remember you again

I’ll be there for you, until my last breath.

I am the only one in this entire world to love you for all my life.

Only i love you!



Patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Male dominated society  reluctant to accept that fact that women can be as good as  they are or even more. Most of the people say there is ultimately only one way to change the patriarchal mentality of any society,‘That is proper education’. In my opinion, we should focus more towards the humanity.  I mean the comprehensive system of inculcating values in the minds of young boys and girls that men and women are equal and everyone deserves respect and equal opportunities.  As parents are first teacher for every children hence it’s there sole responsibility to teach proper manners,etiquette and ethics. If such ideas of equality are not introduced to young students from a young age consistently, then they will grow and become part of the patriarchy that is Indian society.

For grown men who are already patriarchal, there is no way to to change them. Any effort in order to change their mentality is just another lame effort.They already attained the age when the mind is no longer willing to learn or adapt. They stick to their old prejudices and concepts about women and how they should behave.The man who eve tease, abuse, rape, beat and harass women will never change. They must be given punishments harsh enough to mark in the minds of other patriarchal men the sense of fear. Because, since you cannot educate these men, the only way you can stop them from doing stuff like this is through fear.

Nowadays where education is everyone’s right and people are more educated than before. It’s really wrong to say education is the only cause of discrimination against women. Even the most educated men in the society don’t have the required amount of humanity and ethics to stop harassment, rape and other abusive act  from happening,which is shameful. It takes guts and will power to stand against these inhuman act if happening around yourself. Most of the people in country like India don’t even come to help if it’s happening around them, just to avoid unnecessary trouble for them. They deny saying as this not happening to our own family member.Which brings tear in my eyes thinking about it.

The one and only thing that can bring back equality is hitting the very young minds with humanity, ethics and moral policing at the right time. HOPEFULLY after few years in future there won’t be any need of discussing about patriarchy as serious issue on social media. 


Even if…..

I will be there even if you don’t want me

I will cheer you up if you are sad

I will cry when you cry, just to give you company.

so that you won’t feel lonely, even if you tell me that’s insane.

I will laugh at your joke even if it’s stupid one.

All i can tell you that i will be there even when life is upside down.




Creating the new!

Creating the new art is like it’s new start from the very beginning. You have to start the whole process again from the scrap. Picking the whole pieces and struggling to join and formulate some thing big, more like a puzzle. A step into unknown out of which outcome is unpredictable.

Yesterday i got a call from a very good college friend, was’t expecting at all. She said that she gonna stay at my place tomorrow. I was happy and making arrangements for her stay. We both are from totally different states and languages, but only platform at which we fit together is our helping attitude, loving nature and caring methodology for all. When we met in the afternoon, she was with her very close friend with her dad guiding to interview hall in the uptown. Then i realize that actually she didn’t took leave from job just to spend time with me but to guide her very near and dear friend to interview place. It was so embarrassing as her friend didn’t even talked and when i asked them to drop me to home, they refused giving an excuse and just left.

Oh my god! when priorities are different they these things might happen with you too. In that moment of time i realized that how busy our lives have now become. Realized how small differences can affect you at some point of time in life, but these differences clear the picture of our own desires and needs. Out all this the good thing that happen to me was that i accidentally met very old school friend of mine. He was there too for the interview. He hardly changed since then, still have great sense of humor and funny  person. Tension word never litter around him, optimistic and friendly as ever. Sometimes real life also have happy endings.

Now i gotta take my friendship to different level, moving horizontally  and starting new with less expectations and more love. Hopefully me meet again with more enthusiasm and fresh start.